July 1st, 2020

hasui moon at magome

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Well, since there's no one to talk to, I shall sleep in in the morning and converse with the people in my dreams. Thus I found myself very happily at a hotsprings ryokan with Finder Jean and maybe Petronia and several other people, packing up to go home, then rolled to my other side and was at work, talking to S about distancing measures for the toddlers, none of whose names I could remember, alack.

I can't do that tomorrow since I must be up at 9 so as to be ready for the electrician at 10. How lucky my street doesn't allow parking until that hour. But to offset today's sleep till 11:30, I've taken an ativan to induce drowsiness before 3 a.m. Ativan does lovely things to me so long as I don't expect, or worse, need it to. So I am happily mellow and cheerful and optimistic about the future, with all my frets and pains ironed out. Of course, if I was facing the knee operation tomorrow and a fortnight stay in some facility, it wouldn't do anything at all. But for now, what I have vaguely in the back of my head is an impression of deep blue nights by the sea in Japan, waves roaring domestically and a coolish wind blowing. Anyone's guess where that came from, because for sure it's not a real memory of mine. But I'll take it anyway.