May 18th, 2020

koitsu benkei bridge

Nor ever, she whispered, bid the fall adieu

Gov't weather page says it will be in the mid-20s C by week's end. It will be interesting to see if TO spring looks any better without cars. Otherwise I am of course sad to see the end of the furnace days and my toasty lie-ins in the morning, traded for open windows and neighbours playing music in their back yards. And I suppose a clearer ear for the merry builders next door, but them I mostly don't mind. They don't drop f-bombs every sentence (a rarity amongst workers around here, at least the English speaking ones), they don't often have a radio tuned to talk shows (talk radio is my bete noir) and they are, indeed, cheerful. At least one of them is a Rastafarian which *might* account for the clean mouths of his crew.

This long weekend has been grey and rainy and mid-teens during the day, meaning thermostat down but not off. Winds blew last night and today the shed roof is polka-dotted with cherry petals.

Possibly a side effect of warmer temps, or possibly just unpredictable body: my knees are much much happier today than they have been since the fall. Now I remember how I used to get up and go have breakfast straight away, and then go out to the cafe without doing thirty minutes of stretch and strengthen. To counter this, my elbows hate me. Neither warmth nor exercises help there.