May 4th, 2020


Pigs in Pokes

Two packages in the mail today. One my first Etsy mask, from the Toronto seamstress, ordered two weeks ago with express delivery. -_- Do not believe webpages that say '5 in stock.' It's an adult size but maybe I have a big head, or floppy ears, because it keeps sliding off me. Shall have to put string in back to hold it in place. And somehow one of the ear bands worked its way to the envelope's edge, so that when I cut it open the scissors frayed the elastic, which is clearly not long for this world.

I hope the other masks, if and when, work better.

(Also: dull scissors. I used to be able to sharpen them on the knives' whetstone but I seem to have lost the knack.)

Second parcel was my Pennington's order, zooming in after less than a week, presumably by courier. Ordered a housedress- they call it a sleep shirt but that's not what I use them for- and wide legged trousers. Both surprise me by their sturdy thickness. Yay quality: except I wanted light viscose pants for summer and light cotton shirts for lounging about in. Dress is a little narrow in the bust and almost ankle length on me, where it was calf-length on the 5'8 model. At least it's slightly slit up the side to compensate. Trousers are much too wide at the waist, though I sized both pieces from a chart. Heigh ho. Maybe the 80% cotton part will shrink in the wash. Which won't help with the narrow dress. And for once I *must* wash these before wearing because the smell isn't the happy 'new clothes' one but the 'not a natural fibre' one

I was out when they came because the other day I discovered a coffee shop open for takeout, so had my first latte in seven weeks. Iced, not that today's 6C is anywhere near as springlike as yesterday's 22. But since no one's lattes are as good as David's, and since ice covers a multitude of sins, iced it was. By which I discovered that paper straws are an abomination unto Nuggan. Truly, a plastic straw in Toronto is not going to strangle any fish in the Pacifc. That's fishermen's nets from a bunch of Asian countries, and nothing to do with us at all.