April 28th, 2020

hasui: winter moon

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 No idea why I feel I accomplished so much today. Maybe because it was a bunch of little things I've been studiously ignoring, like sewing ties on a mask, tidying the side room surfaces, emptying waste paper baskets, and prepping another shoji screen. Did dishes, did a wash, didn't get out to the laundromat.

There's a child character in Hillary McKay's The Exiles whose summer diary consists of what food she ate for what meal, because renembering the meal brings everything else back. My life is getting like that. Toast for breakfast, ham sandwich on avocado for lunch (oh yes, sliced up the ham I bought yesterday and put in freezer bags also bought yesterday) with asparagus, last of the chicken soup for dinner, steamed bok choy, and French toast with the petrifying baguette my bro bought me on Sunday, with a mikan for dessert. 

I have a chronic mild anxiety about Using The Veg. I bought green onions last week because I didn't have them when I wanted them before, but now I need something to use them with. Maybe devilled eggs? Maybe thaw chicken livers and stirfry with them and the mushrooms and celery  I also bought that also won't keep? And then refreeze, because I have a ham end that's my protein for the next few days. The inability to buy veggies any old time I want them is the only really annoying part of this cooking from home.