April 26th, 2020

hasui rain


I drag my feet on doing things. Things I wish I had done before it became impossible to do them:

-hired a cleaning service to deep clean at least the kitchen and bathroom. Meant to do that last fall, then winter came, then March, then into quarantine, and now tendinitis has settled in for good and I can't do any of it myself.

-bought new furnace filters. My current ones were due to expire at the end of March and I figured the weather would be warm enough by then not to need them full time. Hahaha. Have been running the furnace all day and night until today (high 10C/ 50F) when I turned it down but not off. This may in fact be a blessing in disguise because Canadian Tire will deliver, and through their webpage I discover there are far more efficient (and expensive) filters to be had than are stocked by Wiener's Hardware, my outlet of choice.

-got a new mouse for the desktop. This one double clicks all the bloody time, so I can never backpage or highlight or even bring up menues. Did get a new mouse from Above All, the neighbourhood compy shop, way last fall, but it was the wrong kind of mouse. Put off returning it for a new one until Above All suddenly closed in November and its cheerful maritime owner presumably returned to the more agreeable (personally and weatherwise) climate of the east coast. And for all I know, it's not the mouse that's the problem but my antiquated OS dislikng anything newer than 2009.

-*possibly* got Win7 put on the laptop, and a mouse and keyboard for same. But I think laptops and I are simply a bad fit. Lord knows it's easier on the elbows to use a tablet and stylus than to type, even on this desktop.

Phone call this morning was my bro and s-i-l in the neighbourhood for a shop, bringing me croissants and French bread and butter as a treat. French bread is my downfall, is why I don't buy it on my weekly shops (biweekly now, since I can get things at the conveni without lining up or dodging the crowds.) And oh was it nice to talk to them again face to face. I miss surprisingly few people from my regular routine, but them I miss.

Yesterday I bought wine from the newly reopened wine store. Very social distanced, and they bring the wine to you at a table set up to block the bulk of the store, so you have to know what you want in advance. But from long practice hem-hem I do.

Then did a greengrocer run at the other fruity veg place, also empty and with arrows and markers on the floor. For all I know the Manning grocers have put measures in place like everyone else, but I prefer not to take chances. Alas, the quality of the Palmerston store isn't the same; the apple I bought was distinctly musty in taste. But I can cook everything else; bok choy has become my go-to green these days, because I can steam it and eat it with soy sauce and there's my leafy green sorted.