April 24th, 2020


Yeah, yeah, so I was ready when trouble came, BUT...

...I forgot where I'd put the razor refills I'd bought in early March so I wouldn't have to buy them later. So I masked up and battled the wind to the drugstore and got refills and the good antihistamines and toothpaste, and came home. Then went up to side bedroom to read, turned on light on bookcase, happened to glance down at bookcase, and yes. Why would I put them there, for heaven's sake? But why did I put two five dollar bills in the unused post box on my porch? Which I assume I did because no one else goes depositing money in my mailbox.

Now if only I could refind the brush attachment for the vacuum, which I saw in passing a few weeks ago, made a mental note of, and then forgot.

However, the wine store on Bloor is open again, so if I ever want wine at some future point, I can get it without having to line up outside the LCBO.