April 20th, 2020

hasui: winter moon

That's a relief

 My botanicals arrive. And of course they didn't want a signature. No matter. Now I can go back to sleeping in again. Though if perchance my body is atill in 'wake up at 7' mode tomorrow I might just try shopping during seniors' hours.
kirin keiki: sweet and dumb


 So midday there's a sudden merry timble at the door- or rather, a bang bang on the screen door, push at the front door which of course was partly open, thump in the hallway, and crash as the screen door closes- ie another Purolator delivery. My masks,  ordeted yesterday afternoon, appearing with commendable dispatch. But if you pay for express handling and the vendor lives in your city, this is possible, even though it took Purolator four days to get my CBD from their Toronto sorting station to my house. 

Only, when I open the box, it's my CBD oil. So the other one... is my lenses, ordered on Thursday from a place 20 minutes away, and supposed to come via another courier entirely. Yes, Purolator is running slow.

But at least they don't want signatures.