April 17th, 2020

hasui snow scene

Quarantine is one thing, waiting for Purolator is another

(Yes it's snowing, though not thickly. And no, that's not unusual for April. People who think it is just have short memories due to their short (to date) lifetimes. We had four inches of the stuff on this day back when I was in high school, a mere 55 years ago.)

 No idea what 'come pick up your package at the ends of beyond' Inc. does in these days of semi-lockdown, but I don't want to find out. Thus I've been up at 8 two days running waiting for them to ring the doorbell. Yeah, they're a bit swamped because otherwise they'd have been here long ago, but now... my Wordtank's batteries have died and I need new batteries and I can't go get them because I need to be here to sign for my CBD oil. Which I'm still not convinced actually works.

Fourth week of this. I suppose I'm growing testy. Not helped by couch reading, Boswell's London Journal. What a jerk the man was.

Also because yesterday's housekeeping (maybe) led to the owiest onset of tendinitis to date. Unless it's really bad arthritis, which would be worse. Have a tensor on that arm but it still hurts.  On the other paw, bro came by with a large bottle of gin for me and we chatted for a bit. Apparently life down on King St is more expensive than life in Seaton Village eg coffee is $4 more a pound. So I gave him my unopened coffee beans from the cafe (bought to show solidarity, since I'm not a coffee drinker) (lattes, yes, if David thd barista makes them.) So that was alright.