April 16th, 2020

hasui hirakawa morning

So I was ready/ When trouble came

I have five weeks worth of lenses left, so today I call the eye clinic, which tells me to email the eye clinic, so I email the eye clinic and have, at least, my order on order.

Today's major! accomplishment was baby's first video call. My acupuncturist teaching me pressure points for knees and elbows. Went OK except for losing video when the tablet slipped. I suppose people usually do this from a laptop? Henh. Maybe I'll eventually get my laptop into a usable mode.

Otherwise I swiftered the hardwood floors hereabout- livingroom, stairs, front bedroom, and, though it's painted linoleum, the grungy grotty study. And boy did all that hurt. When did my elbows get so bad? Memory says they always hurt, but not like this. No matter. It's done for now. And while I said I wouldn't have a drink today, now I am drinking, because technophobia even more than pushing and pulling stuff requires consolation.

And it's snowing, flurries battered by a gusty north wind. Which I don't mind: it's as good an April topos as any.