April 12th, 2020

hasui rain

Broken telephone

 My brother's birthday was last Friday so I called to wish him a happy. My bro was one of the early adopters of 'ditch your landline' but since I could just step over to his porch I never had to talk on the phone much. But Friday was an exercise in sheer frustration.  Everything he said turned into mumbledymumble until I reminded him to talk into the end of his phone. Then he came clear but disappeared after he put the phone to his ear while I talked. And people conduct businesses like this? How?

Maybe he just has a crap phone- it's a Blackberry for security reasons, like the s-i-l's, cause lawyers don't need to be hacked. But still.

And while we're on the topic of vexatious things, there's the rubber gloves I bought to protect my dry hands while washing dishes, which I used once and never will again because dear god the pong of them is impossible to get *off* my hands. Yes, yes, nose still super-sensitive, I don't have Covid-19, but yecch.

For my downstairs reading I took a book off the kitchen bookcase, Idoru, something I bought in 2009 at a library book sale in the subway, along with Cloud Atlas.  The Mitchell I read that year but this one I put off because I assumed it would be techy and cyberpunk and unreadable. Well, hardly. I finished it in a day and a half, and am left with a feeling of What the hell was *that*?  Pleasant but- really, what the hell *was* that?

I'd thought the books on sale were donated by a publishing company or bookstore because they were all clean and new, but they must have been very clean donations, since inside Idoru was a leather bookmark from a wetlands preservation society. I  have an uncanny ability to lose bookmarks so I  hope I can hold on to this  one.