April 11th, 2020

hasui: winter moon

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of April

Zoe runs my favourite café which is now closed. But she started as a baker and periodically offers coffee beans and baked goods for sale. My fist order, she added a salted caramel brownie as freebie- maybe because I'm a regular, maybe because I'm quasi-family (boyfriend's great-aunt by marriage). Never had it at the cafe itself because I tell myself I don't care for salted caramel, but it's 90% brownie and only 10% caramel and ohh is it good.

So this weekend she was offering carrot cake, which is not me, and brownies, which are. Thus I ordered brownies for pick up. And because she's family, I asked if she would open my wine bottle for me because I couldn't and there's literally no one else I could ask here. A Valpolicella with a screwtop lid that simply refused to budge for me. I tried the elastic band trick and bashing the lid with a knife handle to pop the seal and was tempted to try Vlad's hot tongs and cold feather truc, which apparently is a this-world thing, but I had neither tongs nor feathers.

So I get to the café in the blustery winds of April and stand aside while Zoe puts my brownies on the table out front, and she stands back while I get my brownies and put the bottle on the table, and I stand back and a gust of wind knocks the bottle to the ground and a trickle of wine pours out. But it's not broken. It's just loosened the cap enough that Zoe's bf can screw it off no problem.
So *that* was OK.

Allergies have started, as I said, and manifest today as phlegmy coughs and joint aches, which predisposed me to do very little but read past LJ entries. But I made me mend a pair of work trousers gone holey and sew one set of strings for a mask, and vacuum the side room curtains and lampshades. It offends me that a clean room should be such a mood-lifter, but there's no denying it is.