April 8th, 2020

hasui saitama mountains

The days go by

Bit the bullet and did my weekly shop at the super yesterday. Line took less than ten minutes to get me inside. Not sure what I bought that was so expensive but the total was the equivalent of three ordinary shops. Well, a frozen chicken and a bag of pistachios and a bunch of asparagus (priced by the pound, which is dangerous if you don't weigh it) will definitely add up. Bike was so loaded I had to walk it home, and if I'm no more crippled than the last time I did that, some time in January, I'm certainly no less. Stupid lower back. Why does it cramp up like that?

Possibly in consequence, today was a degree of owiness unexperienced in months. Knee *would* not unkink (usually once it cracks I can walk on it) and elbows scream if I lift them even to my shoulders. Would love a hot bath but don't trust my legs enough to get me out once I'm in. To add to the misery, spring allergies begin, with much ahchooing and filling of sinuses.

Thus I accomplished very little today. But I did strip and prep one of my study's shoji frames that needd recovering after being gnawed on by a mouse last summer. I did strip the othr, months ago, or thought I did, but looking at it today I see I left some clumps of flour-paste and washi. Getting that off requires wetting the wood down, scraping gunk off, letting it dry again, oiling with furniture oil, letting that dry, and finally pasting on the new washi. So it won't be done tomorrow either. But the foot dragging here has been psychological more than physical, and I know it, so I'm determined to get it done, hook or crook.

Reading-wise I finished The Makioka Sisters and the Mamur Zapt mystery, which last was veeery slow. Still have A Vindication of the Rights on the tablet, but the sense of 'this cannot end well' continues to grow on me. Maybe I'll start The Pursuit of the Millennium for downstairs reading, something dry and fact-filled, and look up some comforting reread for my portable book. Library loan got me The Graveyard Book for all of two minutes, but between me saying Yes download this and them getting the message, someone else seems to have snapped it up. Didn't know you could do that and would be displeased save that two tablet books is more than I care for.