April 2nd, 2020

hasui hirakawa morning

More annals of the plague year

I shop at a local convenience store because it's empty and caters to an upscale neighbourhood and the owners are Korean meaning masks and gloves and plexiglass round the cash register and wipe down of the debit machine keypad. Also because they have Stuff even the super doesn't, like gloves and toilet paper, and I don't have to stand in line to get in, now that standing is difficult as well.

I've been doing pretty OK sitting at home, though not quite to lockdown levels: three stores in one week is actually very bad. It's not in my Torontonian nature not to stop by a store almost daily to get this and that. But so far I'm eating well and lightly, meaning I weigh less than I did a month ago. And I haven't felt the need for sugary piggery: two squares of dark chocolate a day is dietically indicated, I say. Dark chocolate eases coughs and hell, this is the allergy season even if so far it's all throat clearing and not yet at the strangle-cough stage.

But the problem with a small and empty conveni is that I can look around at the shelves, where in the supermarket I only go to those aisles that have stuff I want, and the bakery and cookie aisles aren't them. Which is why I came away from Stephen's with a box of brownie mix for several weeks down the road when I need a treat, and worse, a package of Oreo mint cookies what I didn't even know existed. And now I must exercise extreme restraint over them, since I'm not certainly exercising anything else.

Also, biking home,  I observed  'special constable' cops standing around the street yakking to each other. I assume it's to keep people out of the school yards, but why then were they a block away from the school?