April 1st, 2020

red-eyed goujun by _mrowr @ muffyface

Noted for my records

Three weeks without acupuncture or massage. Am about as crippled as I would expect: can shuffle about the house but walking, even inside supermarkets, is difficult. So yeah, things have deteriorated from a year ago, when my back hurt when I walked but knee would take my weight better. OTOH insides have been utterly lamblike in the interim, in spite of almost daily gin. Possibly the increased fibre in my diet from all that unwonted veg and oranges, more likely the absence of lattes. Sigh.

(Speaking of veg etc, I'd happily- well, unhappily but resignedly- limit my shopping to once a ten-day at one store as per the PM's strong recommendation, but fresh produce doesn't last that long and there's only so much I can carry in my  bike panniers. Once you factor in (to-me) necessities like tonic water and Pepsi, there's not much room for half a dozen potatoes or a kabocha squash or even a head of broccoli. Fortunately I have frozen broccoli because I can never use a fresh one before it goes bad. But again, the greengrocer's is a narrow store and I feel I take my life in my hands whenever I go there. People try to distance, but there really isn't room. So it's line up for Fiesta, which is tedious. And elderly hours are 8-9, when I'm neither awake nor functional.)

As for reading, I have a list of finished books which it would be tedious to put here. On the go, I have Tanizaki's The Makioka Sisters (long natsukashii reread) for couch reading downstairs,  Parry's A Declaration of the Rights of Magicians on the tablet upstairs (long intriguing historical A/U),  and The Camel of Destruction (a Mamur Zapt historical mystery in British Egypt) for light paperback reading anywhere. In happier times that would be my backpack book, but now even the parks are closed. Sigh again. However one needs to limit the light reading because I know from experience that a surfeit of mysteries causes mental scratchiness. So I will probably read The Pursuit of the Millennium one of these days as well.