January 19th, 2020

hasui snow scene

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1. Took myself out to dinner lsat week for my birthday. Swanky place in my high school days' swanky edifice, the Colonnade. The Colonnade has gone even more upscale since the 60s, or twenty years ago when it housed the Death Diet Doctor's offices, or even 2011 when I had my cataracts done there. Now it's full of Steuben glass knickknacks and Lalique vases starting at $2000. But swanky restaurant, which had been sending me ads for weeks, turns out to be closed, permanently. So I went to a Yorkville restaurant, the one where movie people hung out when the film festival showings were up at Bloor St level and not way south where I believe they are now. Ask to see the menu, cause it's not even five, which is when I like to eat dinner, and most place have limited choice at that time. Menu is pale blue ink on cream paper. I fumble in my bag for my glasses, which are never there when I want them, and the server whips out a wooden box full of reading glasses in various strengths. Thus Yorkville service.

The damage wasn't that bad, given that drinks were $ý15 and up. Off-hour menus are a boon. I had duck pate and avocado with taro chips and was full. At dinner you can get a 28 oz steak (why? I asked the male server. 'Usually three or four people share it, but I've seen some guys eat the whole thing.') for a mere $85 plus tax. Expense accounts, yes. Butit was nice enough for once.

2. Finished Dean's Tam Lin. Can't agree that 'the magic is all at the end'. Something is very wrong from the beginning, and I figured the main schtick at the 40% point. The side schtick even earlier, thanks to Antonia Forest and The Player's Boy. It's a very immersive book once it gets going, or maybe I'm just in escapist mode right now.

3. I feel that I'm in worse shape than last year, with everything tightened and spasming, but I do notice that getting out of cabs is easier than it was last winter when knees wouldn't bend at all, so there must be some more flex there. I wish I could just go back to the days when only my knees hurt and the ITB and TFL were silent. Back then walking was a possibility; now, and especially in the snow, I have to walk bent over if I want to walk at all.