January 11th, 2020

hasui rain

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Browsing being the mindless activity it is, I can't say what led me to Versaille fanvids of Louis and Philippe on Youtube, but oh boy is it idtastic buracon clearly created just for me. (Emotional vibes are all Goukou/ Goushou with loyal neurotic Philippe confronting stony unresponsive Louis.) Except.. except... the hair. I can't be having with the hair. Too flat on top; spoils everything. Besides that neither actor is exactly swoon worthy on my swoon-o-meter. Maybe if there was a bit more height to the hair.

But I shan't be watching it anyway because one of the vids had a shot of corpses, including children, hung upside down by the ankles, so very nope nope nope.

House disgorges one of its long lost treasures, the brush attachment to the vacuum cleaner. It was sitting on the study table a foot from the computer all along, but shielded by Johnson Spot Blindness.

Woke yesterday to a For Sale sign on the next door lawn. Rather than wait for the spring feeding frenzy, bro-tachi are tapping the winter slump market. Evidently a wise move: bro had 15 messages on his phone by midday yesterday just from that alone. The showing was supposed to be tomorrow but people were tramping in and out all today, in bucketing rain. So much for what the local paper calls a lacklustre housing market. I of course have been in a state of gloom ever since. Hope it's a nice couple with children who will want a big back yard and not want to put the dividing fence back.

Bro-tachi were off looking at apartments this aft in soulless 70s structures, one bedroom because there are no two-bedroom to be had. Serious downsizing is going to happen there. Me, I think it'd be nice if I won one of this weekend's big ass lotteries and we could all stay put, bar a little renovating.