January 7th, 2020

hasui: winter moon

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I've been doing my exercises religiously since new year's and today things didn't cramp. Refuse to believe it's just a week's stretch and lift that does it. Much more likely to be the multiple musle relaxant pills and the weekend's three day blitzkrieg. Still, nice to be reminded of what semi-cripdom feels like.

When I showed up for work y'day, S said 'If you didn't show up today I was going to phone you to see if you were OK, since you didn't drop by Thursday or Friday.' Of couse I wasn't scheduled to work those days, but also, I wasn't even aware we were open.

Ordering presents online would be a lot easier if certain companies didn't require the recipient's telephone number, which I invariably do not have, and didn't deliver using courier companies that require a signature. It's enough to send one back to amazon. I do know my sister's phone number in TO, but not my cousin's in St Catharines, and not a clue as to when either is going to be at home. (Sister has a birthday; cousin is in need of the latest Invisible Library, and I can no longer pass it along via my aunt.)