December 2nd, 2019

hasui snow scene

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Yesterday morning when I finally woke up, it was to discover that some kindly soul had shovelled my front sidewalk, as well as my bro's and the Prof of Islamic Studies'. But they'd also shovelled my walkway, and hadn't done it for the other two. Thus I am perplexed. Who did it? Certainly not the nice people two doors south, because their property was untouched. I fancy they're living elsewhere while the other half of their house is gutted down to the joists and the detritus thrown into a dumpster.

But in the time between someone shovelling, and me noticing the fact, another two inches of snow had fallen, so I gingerly went out to push, not shovel, it away. Result was elbows that screamed the rest of the day along with a knee that ached and ached so that I couldn't stay asleep that night and kept waking to grey darkness. I conclude that this is what winter knees and elbows do. Last winter was the same, hobble hobble in the morning. A year of strengthening exercises has made no difference, even though in more reasonable seasons I can get up and walk around easily after a mere five minutes or so of stretching.

I notice this increased decrepitude most in my rare baths. Had one today because more snow fell last night and I needed to clear it again so elbows etc etc Hot water is an analgesic stronger than Tylenol, but to get into the bath I have to kneel, put my upper torso in the water, and slide over onto my back like a baby elephant splashing in a pool. To get out I reverse the process, but while lowering into the water is easy enough, pushing my upper half out, requires elbow action, and my elbows won't anymore.