November 30th, 2019

hiroshige: foxfires on musashino

A wintry mix was falling on Rome

Well, will be falling. Is why I biked around all day stocking up, so I can stay in all tomorrow drinking wine and eating ham sandwiches, reading Black Leopard, Red Wolf and not getting out of bed more than I have to, except to salt the sidewalks with the salt I bought today.

Have finished the first Black Company trilogy, only to have vols 2&3 fall apart as I did so. Now I wonder about the rest of the second rank books ie the paperbacks behind the first row of paperbacks in the bedroom. Do I want to/ will I ever reread the whole of the Witch World saga? Michael Moorcock? Fritz Leiber? Suck fairy aside, will they even physically hold up to a reread? I wish I read faster than I do; I wish I had a fireplace where I could skim through these fallen-leaf-brittle books and then toss the pages into the grate.
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