September 26th, 2019

jiip happy

The readiness is all

Today's attempt at adulting was foiled by technology. Spent half an hour on the phone with a BMO rep trying to reset the password on my tax-free savings account. First time through, the connection failed just as we got to the last Enter. Every time thereafter the webpage rejected the temporary password he gave me. Once I screwed up the 'repeat new password' entry: this is why they should let you see the password as you write it. Anyway, must go and do this face to face sometime. And then close the account for good.

However, as compensation, my refund of the yearly property tax increase, which was a mere $300 last year ie less than one month's tax installment, was a whopping $1100 this year ie two months installments and then some. The tax dep't never explains and never apologizes, but I suspect that both this and the reduction earlier on in my monthly installments is due to them miscalculating something badly last year. For sure, property taxes didn't increase any $1000 last year. There'd have been howls if they had. But $1000 falling out of the sky is a welcome gift. I'll take it.