August 28th, 2019

hasui saitama mountains

Water, water, everywhere

Yesterday was a grey humid day with promised scattered showers, and I had an acupuncture appointment. Wise in season- this one, the end of summer- I dropped in at the excellent drugstore near my acupuncturist's and bought a raincape. As well, because when I left her place we were having a steady monsoon rain. So I stuck my long sleeved shirt in my backpack and cycled in my tanktop under the rain cape: and the rain blew in at the neck and soaked me.

At least I could throw it into the dryer at work and wear my shirt and the dry pair of pants I'd also brought with me, since rain gaiters don't keep the side of your legs dry when it monsoons. Wise in season, me.

Today I show up at work to discover we had another backup in the basement, because the plumber last winter didn't clear the blockage completely. Laundry and kitchen were flooded, and any time anyone used a tap or a toilet anywhere in the building the drain backed up more. It was touch and go as to whether we'd be closed tomorrow, because the three university plumbers didn't have the right tools and were baffled by our drains. But at last they got it cleared, hurray. And once again we must hang out a sodden carpet to dry. It was not I who thought putting a carpet in the laundry room was a good idea, because I know how the window leaks in snow thaws, how the sump pump backs up periodically, and how the outside drain gets clogged by the sand which a certain staff (the one who did think a carpet was a good idea) hoses down the steps, thus causing floods under the door. But of course, sigh, no one listens to *me*.
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