July 18th, 2019

hasui: winter moon

Looking backwards

So, fifty years ago or so I seem to recall I was sitting at the rather too small bedroom desk that I rarely used (because when I was a kid I did my homework at the dining room table), translating Xenophan's Apology which was the first real Greek text I'd ever worked on. Did I actually see the moon landing? Did someone call me downstairs to come watch? That part I don't remember at all. And for all I know, I might not have been sitting at my desk that day either, because my memories all conflate and can never be trusted.

I'm thinking of memory and its fallacies because I finally finished the first four Severian books and then happily went off to read discussion boards and spoilers about 'how unreliable a narrator is Severian after all'. No one seems to agree, but ohh did the Reddit threads have the whiff of early fandom testosterone. So thanks but no thanks, I shall not be reading the sequels where My Character Becomes God and my narrative becomes a mess. (Checked out The Urth of the New Sun in Bakka and passed up on it because the typeface is uuuuugly. A narrow escape.

Am a bit gakkari, because my first reading of the series left me with an impression of something rare and strange. The SF aspects washed right over me. And now that it turns out to be all multi-universes and time twists and alien intelligences guiding human development and and and, it seems much more mechanical and infinitely less resonant. Sigh. I hate it when people get SF in my fantasy.

So now it's either back to Gideon the Ninth or Tobias Winter, but neither is what I want to take the taste out of my mouth. Shall read something mindless and wait for the heat to break on the weekend.