June 16th, 2019


She lives

Mother's Day I know to avoid, but was unprepared to find a three generation, three family Father's Day party taking over half my local coffeehouse.

Irises all over the neighbourhood, purple and white. Tiny green cherries on my tree but the weather does not encourage them. Cool but damp still, making work an achy proposition. Scrub that- makes moving an achy proposition. Much struck with this sentence from G's WIP: "...lowering himself into the only chair. His back was erect, but he moved with the careful protectiveness for hips and knees that (redacted) had seen in elderly (people) with arthritis". Got it in one, G.

I don't do Reading Wednesdays now because my life is still Read All The Things. Did finish A Madness of Angels and did resist urge to go on to the next one, but am bemused by the fact that nothing of hers before or AFAIC since has the umm depth and volume of Matthew Swift. Maybe those four books exhausted her? They would me, for sure.

Am still annoyed that Matthew's reflex reaction to a threat is Run! Boy must be in really good shape. And also, howcum she gives Japanese names like Oda and Mikeda to people she claims are African and Russian?

I did get within spitting distance of the end of Waning of the Middle Ages, but then googling around to hopefully find where it is that Huizinga quotes the original nomina nuda tenemus, which I should have noted, discover an article fulminating about the badness- in fact, the falsification- of the translation I have, and recommending the new one from 1996. Which I have ordered from the library with no optimism about reading.

Ordered two books of acrostics from the Evil Empire, Canadian dep't. Work has gone silly and I expect to be braindead this week from lack of sleep. Thus, acrostics.