May 26th, 2019

hasui: winter moon

Lord, it is time.

I've taken the flannel sheets off the futon. Though not off the pillows and duvet, because night temps for the next few days will be in the low teens, and I wait to see how cold that will feel to me.

Accomplished this and that today: washed coloured shirts, flipped futon, vacuumed dust bunnies, bought gin, mailed a parcel to one friend, and got books back that I'd loaned to another. This was the Little Girls' mother, and the LGs are that no longer but are Young Ladies. M is pushing 16 and has grown another two inches in the year and a half since I saw her last. Also they're going to Japan in July, so I was able to advise them on things like what clothes to bring and that no, mixed bathing isn't commonplace, and yes, some onsen will let you wear bathing suits but you have to check first, nado nado. Very nice seeing them again.

Except that as I peddled away I realized my rear wheel was totally flat. A sensible person would have gone back and borrowed their bicycle pump but of course I figured I could walk it the eight (long) blocks home. And did, but had to stop halfway for a double gin and Sprite to ease the clamping lower back muscles. That tube was replaced only a month or so ago and *shouldn't* be flat again, especially as the wheel is supposed to be the flat-resistant kind. This, of course, is what comes of dawdling over buying a new bike: barring miracles, I'll be bikeless for the next few days because of the summer rush.