April 16th, 2019

hasui saitama mountains

The days are still cold

Well, if you must pop a crown, best do it on a day when you already have a dentist appointment, even if it adds $150 to the already heartstopping cost of having rough tooth edges bonded smooth. My dentist insists on this, even though the bonding always comes off, sometimes within days. In retaliation I treated myself, if that's the word I want, to breakfast at Mcdonald's, amid all the new condo towers on Yonge that have utterly wrecked that homey street. I'm fairly sure I haven't had a Macdos breakfast since I was in Japan, nearly twenty years ago, and Canuck Mcdonald's is nowhere near as good. Or maybe it's April's allergies blunting my taste buds again.

This is what I think of as easy care weather, requiring only a waterproof light winter coat, a hat, and gloves at need. 'No coat at all' is not easy care, nor is cloth jacket, because there's the perpetual problem of what do you do if it rains, or gets hot in the day. Easy care doesn't last long though: the highs not only creep up, but vary by condition. 16C can be winter coat weather or shirtsleeves, depending on cloud and wind conditions.

Having given up on both versions of The Poetic Edda, I picked up another 'get it off the shelf' volume, The Golden Argosy, which bills itself as a collection of the best and most famous short stories around. Well, as of 1947. And yes, there are The Man Who Would Be King and Paul's Case and The Devil and Daniel Webster and The Red-headed League, A Rose for Emily and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and The Lady or the Tiger, a Mark Twain and a Saki and a John Collier and a Somerset Maugham. But when I started in on ones I hadn't read, what I got was an oddlly cynical Ring Lardner and someone I'd never heard of, Thomas Burke, the very title of whose gratuitously unpleasant story I can't bring myself to write here.

There's also E.M. Forster's The Celestial Omnibus, which is nice enough as far as it goes, especially when taken in conjunction with Ima Ichiko and some of Ritsu's odder experiences, but whose ending struck me as enh. Bref, I'm finding a certain small-souledness in the compiler's choices, in spite of the inclusion of The Gift of the Magi. I might as well have stayed with the lying cheating murdering thugs of the Poetic Edda.