April 9th, 2019

human aoarashi


The weather was warmish for three days, though still not cloth jacket warm except in yesterday's sun, and has now reverted to pseudo-November, all cream skies and grey cumulus and blustery winds. Winter coat and gloves weather. Cold Aprils don't guarantee cool summers- vide last year, when it snowed heavily in April and then steamed until Thanksgiving. However I shall enjoy this while it lasts, the more because the conjunction of grey cold and reading 100 Demons sends me back to 2007. Err- which was a pretty hot summer as well.

100 Demons is carrying on the theme of the last tank or two. 'I've run into a dead end so I shall start a confusing story about Ritsu's second cousin twice removed' ie some descendant of Ritsu's great-aunt who had a bushel of children that no one on Ritsu's side has kept track of because grandfather insisted on cutting all ties with her so she wouldn't be affected by his bad luck. Only now some kid's spirit keeps turning up at the house to use the bathroom, and he seems to be a relation of some sort. I hope this gets settled somehow and we go back to more interesting stories.

Meanwhile I wonder why my always overheated sideroom feels so much colder than the front bedroom. Maybe it's my refusal to put the thermostat over 20C, and actually to have it closer to 18. (At 22 the house becomes breathlessly hot. A very fine line.) Maybe it's my furnace becoming inefficient. Or maybe it's that I no longer wear as many clothes to bed. Have moved back to the front room and gone back to front room dressing: nightshirt, long sleeved shirt, wooly pullover, pants and socks. You know, the reason I never had to wash, or even use, sheets on the bed. Though I do now, because flannel.