March 11th, 2019

hasui: winter moon

Of bikes and backs

They say winter is over, but I say it snowed this afternoon, and next week will again see temperatures below normal. I did bike on Saturday and today, if carefully: the side streets still have their shelves of ice on each side extending into the road, and occasional ice berms in the middle, and the bike lanes are pot-holed loose-asphalted horrors with occasional ice chunks stuck in the middle of them. Not unlike the streets themselves.

Alas for hopes of freedom, the bike is not much easier peddling than walking. Either it badly needs a tune-up or it needs to be replaced. 15 years for a bike is 45 human years, and mine grows old.

My surgeon requires written notification of cancellation of knee surgery at least a month in advance, or he'll charge the cost of the surgery itself. So two weeks ago I sent him an express letter of same, guaranteed to arrive last Monday, which no one had registered as of last Thursday. My surgeon's office does not inspire me with confidence. But a letter comes from him today saying letter was received and please pay $25 cancellation fee. I gave him six weeks notice and see nothing about a cancellation fee anywhere else. But he can have it, and grateful I am that he's not my surgeon any more.

So I must put my trust in strengthening exercises and weight loss to help with the knees, which don't actually bother me as much as my lower back does. And though I'm inclined to blame the back pain on the stiff knee, the surgeon himself was doubtful about it, and the pain itself began when my knees were lamblike under their cortisone shots. So core strengthening it is, and thigh strengthening, and we shall see what transpires.