February 27th, 2019

pissy red dragon from tammylee


1. Lost one of my excellent bright pink gloves on the weekend. Dollar store specials, but that dollar store closed a year ago, and I discover that all my other dollar store gloves are nowhere near warm enough.

2. A discussion online led me to order a pillow from Ikea billed as 'firm'. It arrived yesterday, rolled up in a way that does not bode well for firmness, and is both flat as a pancake and limp as a noodle. The label says 'firmer' which strikes me as a piece of legalese ass-covering. Certainly it's firmer than a jellyfish, but most things are.

3. Had acupuncture yesterday, told myself not to be a wimp but take transit rather than calling a cab, as has become my extravagent wont. Streets dry, wind calm, certainly I can walk to the station. So allowed myself an hour for two subway stops over and the equivalentof three down, and even caught a non-existent Christie bus to the station. Got to Dufferin and waited for a bus. And waited. And waited. And consulted the app,that said a bus would be along in 19 minutes. So had to cab it anyway, at only $5 less than a cab from home would have cost.

4. Snow today, 6-8 inches. Fluffy because the temps are cold, but going to become slippery sodden in the warmer days to come: and then more snow on Saturday.
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