January 17th, 2019

hasui winter river

Malign astrological configuration continues, hope you are well

Sister is back in hospital, in IC on a gurney because there are no beds, with a gall bladder they want to take out when they can get around to it. She was actually in hospital for low blood pressure, cause unknown, but now it's back to normal you think they might let her go home. Oh but maybe they'll get around to surgery tonight, or tomorrow, or, well, whenever... Am not at all impressed with sister's hospital of choice.

Meanwhile voice message from my doctor saying my own hospital has scheduled my five hour stress test this Monday which sorry, cannot do. Doctor didn't leave me a number for the hospital and isn't in her office tomorrow. Am annoyed. Will prob have to show up at the hospital Monday morning to tell them I can't do the whole thing- and then I have to be up early the next two days as well, which leads to sleep lack headaches. Argh, just argh.