January 16th, 2019

hasui snow scene

No vanity, but much vexation of spirit

International issues aside, was woken from my scratchy achey head cold half-sleep by someone wanting me to be her in half an hour. Pulled clothes on, called a cab, munched slice of toast while sweeping away snow outside. Phone pings, cab co has a 'trace you drive' app, driver is just coming up Christie from Bloor, should be here in two minutes. No cab appears. Now I assume these guys have whatever it's called to tell them how to navigate my traffic maze, but maybe not and maybe he turned down instead of up. I call the company again to be told my driver has picked up his fare. Well, he certainly didn't do it on my block. So they send another cab who arrived eventually. Last night's 'snow' is more like little ice pellets and the roads are very slippery and, bref, what would be a 15 minute bike ride on clear streets takes half an hour.

But I arrived, sans exercises, and in consequence ached all day. Work *really* has to stop relying on old crocks like me and the worker who called me today whose back has gone out from too much hefting of lumpen toddlers.
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