November 7th, 2018


A little rest

I suppose healing takes energy; or maybe allergies drain it. But I seem capable of two hours' usefulness a day and not much more. However, since one hour today was devoted to cleaning out and rebagging several inches of sodden and misplaced garbage from the dilapidated wooden bins at work, I am content. Didn't get it all, especially the stuff that's so casually tossed *behind* the bins, because I can't reach and bend that far or pull out the plastic bins in the way. But I got enough, before it freezes in place, and that's what I was aiming for.

Also Plague has thinned the kiddy ranks at work so I don't even feel the necessity to go in and be a body on Horrible Thursday tomorrow. (Horrible because it's granola for snack day and the clean-up for that requires much more than the half hour allotted to it by people who have never done clean-up.) Unless Plague hits one of the staff as well...
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