November 2nd, 2018

hasui: winter moon

At least there's the bath

My flannel sheets are wearing thin, especially the fitted ones. The newer of the two ripped spectacularly last spring, which was why I couldn't find it this fall. The older dates from the late 80s and is too worn to be warm. Several outfits here sell flannel sheet sets and I'd intended to bike down and check them out on my Monday & Tuesday off. But of course I didn't get them off, and after that I was crippled and it was raining: sometimes, as on Thursday, really *really* heavily and all day.

I bought flannel pillowcases last spring from Bed Bath and Beyond and was not impressed by the choice and quality. So I checked out The Linen Chest's online offerings. Nothing quite as elegant as the blue and white flower arabesques from 1988. Flannel sets, by some universal agreement, must come in either bold ugly plaids like my brown and green duvet cover from 2007, or twee Christmas themes featuring small cute animals.

But there was one subdued pattern called Birchbank that I felt I could live with. Bought it online with express Canada Post delivery, and my but CP was unwontedly informative about what stage they were at where. I worried a touch about the 'no drop delivery' thing, but figured I was more than likely to be in on the weekend which was the earliest I could expect them.

But no. Today as I gingerly manhandled the bike out the front door, the white van pulls up and an unexpectedly aged Postie brings me a large box. I have now wrestled the undersheet on to the futon and am pleased at its cozy softness. And am now tempted to spring for a flannel duvet cover- those things are always a hideous price- but if it isn't a manly plaid in the same mud colours they also insist on making flannel nightshirts in, it might well be worth it.

Except that all the ones available are indeed mud colours or twee rainbows. Ah well...