August 8th, 2018

hasui rain

Stormy weather, third day in a row

Another good thing about air conditioning is that it allows one to cook again. Thus on Monday I made a zucchini soup from an online recipe, using some of that chicken stock I so carefully prepared last winter from many a rotisserie chicken. Recipe is just a minimal amount of onion (quarter of a small), minimal garlic (three cloves), sea salt, pepper, lots and lots of zucchini, and some low-fat sour cream at the end. Well, home-made chicken stock helps it, but otherwise it's very bland. OTOH it gets me my veg for the day, of which I haven't been eating nearly enough.

I was doing so well with my shiatsu and my exercises. Had dropped both knee and back braces last week. And then the mug came, muggier than before, and the last four days have been crippledom. Also it has deluged for three of those days: just rains and never stops. OTOH I came into the study this morning to find two little green pills sitting on the mouse pad where I put my meds at breakfast time so as not to take double doses while distracted by FB et al. It seems I was so distracted yesterday morning that I didn't take my anti-inflammatories at all. Which would explain yesterday's state of extreme ow.
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