June 5th, 2018

red-eyed goujun by _mrowr @ muffyface

Grey days have found us

Cool grey afternoon/ evening, belonging to a house in the Annex with white muslin curtains, or maybe sprigged cotton, wooden floors and brown furniture. I don't know what house that was because for sure *our* house ran to oversized rooms and wall to wall broadloom and the furniture so placed that it was impossible to have a proper conversation no matter where anyone sat. But the vision of that simpler, sparer interior was clear to me as I bicycled home; and I record it now because both it and the weather that engendered it will be gone in a day or two when the warmth returns.

In the meantime I am back to sleeping on, not under, my summer duvet again, because the cotton sheets are too cold for comfort; back also to pants and long-sleeved shirt in bed, and may go for socks as well, at least tonight.

Yesterday, three days before the election, Trump Light was sued by his sister-in-law for defrauding her and her children. Ford supporters won't care, and Mr Light is naturally saying fake news. He has learned well from his master.

And today I tripped while removing a recidivist sand-thrower to a different spot and landed hard on my arthritic knee. Fortunately I landed on sand, which is at least better than concrete, but I would be oh so happy if jury-dutying M were to bounce in to work tomorrow afternoon announcing 'The judge dismissed the case!' Won't happen. But they were set to go into deliberation today. Maybe, maybe, they might wind up tomorrow morning?