January 7th, 2018

hasui snow scene


In Toronto there's really very little difference between -17C (1.5F) and sunny, as yesterday, and -7C (19F) and cloudy, like today. I thought there was, wore only one pair of gloves and pants, and froze.

But I walked! in spite of gradually protesting knees! and had brunch and shopped down on Bloor and came home and then walked up to Loblaws and back. I'm aware of an odd anxiety as I do this, basically caused by not having walked more than a few blocks at any one time in the last three years. And when I did go walking, even the block and a half to the super, half the time knees crumpled, ITB screamed, or back went into spasm. I suppose it's not surprising that I half-expect all this to happen again, possibly simultaneously, leaving me clinging to a fence somewhere.

(Of course, a lot of the time I could have walked; I was just lazy and found the bike faster, and used past pain as an excuse for bicycling. Now-- well, it's my neck and elbows that bother me most, and those are not at all helped by bicycling. So- I continue to walk. Not that winter gives one much choice.)