January 6th, 2018

hasui hirakawa morning


So, because I can walk- a fact I still don't quite believe- today I walked from my aunt's over to Indigo Books in the Manulife to spend my book token on, hopefully, those missing Brusts (Phoenix, Jhegaala), or at least some new acrostics. There's a way to get to the Manulife underground from Bay station but I couldn't find it; largely because, as I discovered when coming back, that entrance to the subway is closed. And yes, you can get from the Manulife to the subway underground, but bring a compass with you because the way isn't marked. For my future reference, it involves going through Holt Renfrew on the north side, and then veering west to get to Cumberland Court.

This should have prepared me for Indigo, which has moved all its books to new locations and then understaffed the store, so old ladies with canes (besides myself) were wandering about piteously trying to find stuff. When I found a staff and asked for the crossword section, she had to take me there because, as she said, 'it's hard to explain.' Basically, it's tucked into an alcove back of Teen Fiction, a very logical location.

And they had no acrostics- which is fine: I should have remembered how many books I still have- and no Brusts beside the last two, which is typical. They want you to order online. I shall try Bakka instead.

We still have an extreme cold warning on, but I double-bagged me and went grocery shopping. Returning, I was loathe to go inside and take my boots off, stash everything, put boots back on and go out again. The benefits of -17C was that I could drop the milk, the ham slices, and the bag of frozen raspberries in my blue bin outside. (Thought it best to put the bag with lettuce and avocadoes inside the front door.) When I came home, the milk was fine, the raspberries felt a bit soft (!) and the ham was frozen. Never believe a weather webpage.

Meanwhile, this stabbing not-quite-a-headache might, just might, be the effect of no caffeine since Wednesday. Hope it is, because then I know how to make it go away.