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Woxin rewatch ep 21 & 22

Two disks of Serious No Fun At All. Can only survive by keeping up a running commentary over mulled wine. This is why one should watch TV with friends.

Yan Zu, you are a most inferior sort of villain. "Here, Your Majesty, the Premier has sent you a sword. Surely you want a sword? It really breaks my heart to see your Majesty in your debased wretchedness and downfall without, like, a SWORD. So here, have a SWORD." (Gou Jian looks away wearily.) "'Don't you understand me?! Then I'll tell you in words of one syllable. Take this SWORD and kill yourself!" (Uncle Ming flicks an eyebrow fractionally. Yan Zu throws sword down and stalks away, wondering why the Premier's briliant plan didn't work.)

Also, yanno, nursing a long-standing grudge because your **soldier** father and brothers were killed in a **battle** as part of a war **that your country started** is not the sign of a man who can follow simple cause and effect.

Hei Yi, I begin to think, is either a nasty piece of goods or equally slow off the mark. 'I did the most meritorious service for him! I murdered his nephew ETA: half-brother! And he wasn't the least bit grateful! Instead he executed my whole family, can-you-imagine??!' Err- truly, you were expecting a medal? Or else Fu Tong lied in his teeth.

Hei Yi's armour irritates me. Always has. It's prissy-pristine constipated, like Hei Yi's face. Tight-lacing obviously does it to a man.

Equally- send your servants and guards away all you want, somebody is always listening at doors and then running off to tell Bo Pi that Woozy Xu has loosed an assassin on the king of Yue. (From the brief later scene when Gou Jian's in the pillory, Bo Pi's spy master looks very intriguing. I keep looking to see who has no moustaches, and he's one of them. Mind you, someone building the prison was clean-shaven too, and it wasn't Ku Cheng.)

Now if I were Fu Chai I'd haul Woozy Xu up on the mat and ask "What part of 'I promise to keep the King of Yue alive' do you not understand?" I know, I know- the alive part. But WZX really thinks Wu can disregard its edicts like that and not find itself facing a confederation of hostile scared-shitless states tomorrow? Even Fu Chai sees that, and happily postpones Gou Jian's death until Wu's strong enough not to need to care.

You'd think, if you had the option of braiding your greasy hair out of the way, as Yan Zu does, that you'd, like, braid your greasy hair out of the way. This goes even more for the Yue prisoners, the ones who haven't at least tied their hair out of their faces with a head rag. Carrying anything, let alone rocks, with boob-length hair is a nuisance, even if you don't have boobs.

Pause for a chorus of 'A-liftin' rocks in the hot sun/ I fought Fu Chai and Fu Chai won'--

--oh oh wait, I feel filking urges descending. BRB.

Ah- and *there's* the 'happy days in Wu' song that we sing after moving rocks all day. Also: just as it's always winter in Yue/ Wu (except when Bo Pi goes to see the king in budding spring) so it's always the full moon. Sad shortage of stock establishing shots, guys.

Proof of heavy-duty cutting or borked subtitles? Ya Yu says nice half-Yue guard helped her when 'we were building the prison.' Ya Yu wasn't building the prison that I can see, and if she had been there'd have been an outcry.

I wonder if Gou Jian gets tired of having his right-thinking unimaginative generals always doing the conventional thing, and only Fan Li with sense enough to see the facts.

Gongsun and Wangsun still look alike to my round eyes, especially when Gongsun isn't in armour and is talking to WZX. Gongsun is marginally fuller-fed, but I only know this when I see them standing together. Neither are in fact especially honourable let alone nice guys. I can quite happily dislike them both.

WZX needs a eunuch to lean on when he gets out of bed in the middle of the night. While I know the feeling, my own response is hrmph.

Oh and look- even Brute 2.5 has his weaknesses. Loyal generals burning their germy bodies alive can actually shake him. Of course Wongsun can't be shaken, is how honourable Wongsun is.

Yeah well, Gou Jian too occasionally does the right-thinking unimaginative thing and ignores good counsellor!Ya Yu who has sense enough to see the facts. Like, what will you accomplish by not eating, huh? Night visits in the rain from Woozy, is what: whose only purpose is to happily foreshadow Woozy's own death scene.

Subtitles again- GongsunWangsunWhoever tells WZX that Gou Jian has lapsed into a coma after a coupla days not eating in the pillory. That's gotta be the most wide-awake coma I've ever seen.

Though why it's delicate Ku Cheng who gets to walk to Yue is a question one should perhaps not ask.
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