November 29th, 2017

hasui hirakawa morning

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My (still) laudably clean house gladdens my heart, but the vacuuming and mopping needed to keep it that way annoys my tendinitis no end. Have taken to vacuuming with two hands to spread the strain.

Have had two days off thanks to sickly infings, and achieved this and that- sent package to Japan, stocked up on soy milk against eventual snow, found- finally!- a proper foot scraper on a stick for my dry callouses. (Pumice does nothing. Pumice crumbles into tiny shreds that hurt your feet if you step on it.) Shoppers Drug & Loblaws, that marriage made in hell, are betrayers. Rexall and IDA have all your needs, for less.

Went to AGO, intending to treat me to a $25 hamburger. But it was the '5 to 7' menu and I had del Toro inspired guacamole (bland) with corn chips (unsalted). Then intended to wander about the gallery for an hour before my acupuncture, but suddenly they wouldn't let me carry my backpack with me. 'Too big!' though it was fine last summer and winter. Carrying the backpack instead of wearing it is indeed a pain, but I could cope. Cannot cope with being separated from cell phone and wallet. So I left and found a Chinese bakery to sit in instead.

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