August 2nd, 2017


Hey, remember that bit about 'no more water'?

My acupuncture studio had its third major leak in its four year tenure last week, and has decided to close for good. Apparently they were going to do it anyway when the lease was up early next year because Fearless Leader #2 has been offered an opportunity out in Scarborough, but the landlord's refusal to repair his building forced their hand. So that's it. It was bad enough when Fearless Leader #1 left two years ago, and I was sad when the studio moved in 2013, but I always hoped to have the community care. Ah well. There are community studios still, one down at Spadina and Dundas which is a much easier transit than to Dufferin and College (and feels closer because it's closer to work, even if technically Dufferin is nearer to me.) But still... Ash and Daryl cured my neck fubars and kept my knees from crippling me completely, and I shall miss them.

Also I suppose a leak in the roof is better than a fire next time.
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