July 16th, 2017

human aoarashi

Mouse problems

Computer, not domestic. Mouse gets hyper in summer and double-clicks everything, so I can't check boxes or back-click to my last page or insert the cursor inside a word without highlighting everything. Have taken to clicking with my middle finger which evidently doesn't twitch the way my index does.

100 Demons is indeed ideal summer reading, as several people noted on the last post, but Judge Dee is even better, being written in my own language. Block's burglar books go down easily- finished two this weekend- but lack the same heft and oomph. In spite of protag's lesbian best friend and her string of girlfriends, more than the protag has. I'd thought from the first book it'd be the other way round.

Everybody has a hungry house dep't:
Friday evening I went to put my Birks on but couldn't find them. Not in the hallway, not by carpet where I drop them when I go to sit on the couch, not in the mudroom ('did I go out to the back yard?'). Couldn't think where I might have put them when I came home. Rousted out old pair, the ill-balanced ones that twinge my tendons, started out and found Birks by the front door. Where I left them when I'd decided to wear my walking shoes against the forecast downpour.

Then that night my knee was twitching so decided to wear a brace to bed. I have two of them and wore both during the day but could find them nowhere at night. Not on the couch (best bet) nor in the sideroom (second best) nor the bedroom nor the kitchen table. Rousted out an old narrow knee brace and used that instead, wondering why my house had become a devouring monster. Saturday, quite by chance, found them atop the printer by my computer table. Now if only my phone stylus and phone case would reappear from the Dungeon Dimensions they dropped into so many months ago...