July 5th, 2017

happy cat


Partly due to half an ativan taken as corrective to a late afternoon Pepsi and the need to be up at Silly a.m. to get a cortisone shot tomorrow. But partly due to superb summer weather: warm in the day with fresh breezes, and dry and cool at night.

The summer poses problems for the philodendron in the east-facing study. Curtains, shutters, shoji, and sheers must all be moved about to exclude the brite painful morning sun and the brite painful mid-day heat. So Phil gets no light at all, and pines. This year I've moved him to the front porch, on the table shielded by the spindly evergreen bushes and the low-hanging linden branches. He seems to flourish well enough there, but if he looks wan again I'll move him back inside to the study and stick another philodendron outside.

The new tile in the hallway may stick up a little in the places it was jig-saw puzzled into the little spaces between the banister's uprights, but I've been able to remove the winter's runners from the hall and can now walk on cool smoothness down to the bathroom. Well, lately I haven't been able to walk at all with my puffy knees, but that's what the cortisone is for.
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