June 28th, 2017

discworld angels from most-suspicious


The jasmine or honeysuckle or whatever it is that grows round the concrete post at Audrey and Margot's place (they're the kids; their parents' names have of course slipped my discriminating memory) is blooming and scenting the air. Now I see there's the same sweet flowers growing up the post between the Rainbow Flag couple (straight, who shovel my walk in winter) and Signora Who Gardens. This is good. One cannot have too many sweet climbing plants to offset the sickly-smelling lindens and mock orange of June.

In an access of virtue tonight, I vacuumed both upstairs and down (garbage night, so the dust elephants go straight into a bag) bundled up the dead branches and twigs from the hedge, and swept the cherries to date from the back yard path. Bag of hedge clippings is now sitting atop rubber garbage bin of creepers and cherry pits and may not disintegrate in the rain that way.
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