May 8th, 2017

may 25 lilac from most-suspicious

Well, that's that, then

Went for a cortisone shot this morning at unreasonable o'clock. $25 cheaper than at the old place and a much simpler transit, or would be if they weren't renovating the station. Meaning one needs a transfer to go from subway to bus except when the bus goes into the station as the Coxwell bus does. But as they're putting an elevator in- and about bloody time, guys, since you serve Toronto East General Hospital- the bus stop is out on the street. Either pay again and the driver doesn't give change period even if you only have a twenty, or walk. I walked. Lovely cool morning, white and blue, and bushes still white with blossoms, so worth it.

Tell the joint man I have bursitis. He manipulates leg painfully. 'What you have,' he says, 'is no cartilage in your knee at all and a bloody big bone spur sitting where the cartilage should be.' So, well: see what cortisone does if anything; strengthen knee muscles more; and lose as much weight as I can. To which end I broke my twenty on an egg white breakfast bun (250 cals) and walked back to the station.