May 3rd, 2017

hasui hirakawa morning

Various quotidian

Cold and winter coat (and hat and gloves) at 8 this morning as I set out for work. (When a poor coughing child texts you at night saying 'I think I am pretty sure that I'm gonna be OK to go to work tomorrow', do not be surprised when she calls you, hoarse and apologetic, at 6:30 the next day; nor was I.) Sunny and blooming May on my break at 1, and sweating in same. Rain tomorrow and low of 5: thus May. 'Rain in the afternoon' they say, and I hope it is, because I must finally get up to my accountant's so he can file my return. My refund is less than his fees, but it is a refund, so presumably no penalties.

Also no work tomorrow, thankfully, because between today's six hours and Friday's seven I expect to be maybe just a little stiff-- though the hour's stretching at night seems to have paid off, at least so far. Also I need a break from The Limpet who was more limpetish than usual today. When her mother came and extracted her from my hip, Limpet twisted around and wanted to go back to me. Truly, Limpet, we can't go on meeting like this.

Was trying to remember what the plumber said about turning off laundry taps at work. We used to have the hot water shut off so people wouldn't use it for washing since the tank is very small. Alas, he said we should leave them both on all the time. I however have both mine closed shut because both leak water into the washing machine if left on. I mean, the tub will fill up anyway when I put a laundry through so it's not like it's being wasted, but it still feels better to use at need. Only I expect the ancient valves to break at some point if I keep twisting them righty-tighty lefty-loosey. Oh well- we shall pay that plumber when we have to.

My neighbours, including my s-i-l, lock their bikes to their porch rails and never seem to suffer theft. I wish I could- it would free up space in my middle room- but I can't forget that I lost the last bike that was stolen in precisely that way. I was in fact glad to see the last of it: it was an expensive disaster of a bicycle- but the prospect of being bikeless in my semi-disabled state fills me with dread. That there are better bikes for the stealing won't necessarily deter someone from taking my rusted battered Old Paint; the better bikes probably have better locks.
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