April 8th, 2017

100 demons qwerty

Gakkari again

Internet has been wonky to non-existent since Thursday, when I rashly printed my chiropractor's receipt for tax purposes. Printing always kicks me offline, but this time a reboot was only partially successful in bringing me back. Finicky reinstall of ethernet gizmo gets me back tonight, but may be gone tomorrow. Thus I post when I can, since typing on a cell screen is beyond frustration.

The Whole Art of Detection is... odd. Holmes pastiche is always just a little wonky but one ignores the slight shifts in this direction or that. Faye's shifts, however, stand out uncomfortably. The recurring instances of Holmes helping a downtrodden woman who wishes to be free of male encumbrances, and Watson tying himself into knots over Holmes' cocaine habit and stating his determination to wean him from it, just isn't ACD as I read him. The Watson bit is much more Laurie R. King and her felt need to make Mycroft lose weight because fat is a sign of moral torpor so terrible for the health. (She's only thinking of him. Note the English happily write fat people without worrying about them having strokes or heart attacks.)

It's still a fun read and the cases no more feeble than other pastichers, but it's not quite the second coming of ACD that reviews led me to expect.