April 3rd, 2017



1. The April wind gusts outside to the accompaniment of disturbing thuds and bumps, but the fascia no longer bangs against the house as it did this morning, because the Phantom Roofers came while I was at work and pinned it back in place. Heavy-duty bill will arrive shortly ('We have a minimum $400 charge') but worth it, if it holds.

2. My 21st return from Japan anniversary. Sometimes I forget it entirely but this year's weather (grey and feeling colder than it is) reminds me of it. To say nothing of those Papuwa djs the other day.

3. Finished Howl's Moving Castle in less than a day. *That's* what a book should be like, not the slog-slog-slog of everything else. Resolution happens in the book- dog-man is mostly spoiler, turnip scarecrow is mostly spoiler, and the Witch has been spoiler longer than one thinks.

4. Succeeded in losing my sleep-shirt and sleep-hoodie last night. Y'day morning I took them off and put on a bathrobe before going downstairs. At night bathrobe was hanging on its hook on the back of the door but shirt-and-hoodie ensemble which should have been hanging there too were nowhere to be seen. Not in front room, not in back room, not in bathroom; gone. This morning I happened to look down instead of up; they had fallen off hook and into the corner behind the door. Have suspected for a long time that my vision was getting worse; how lucky I have my check-up on Friday.

This is also why reading Howl is encouraging: old women who ache and pop are rarely the heroines of books. Probably should have a go at Pratchett's witches again as well.