March 30th, 2017

hasui snow scene

The hounds of spring just got bitten by the wolf of winter

Forecast last night: 'snow mixed with rain beginning late afternoon.' Quandary: boots or shoes? Bike or transit? Solve in best possible fashion by wearing shoes and riding bike and carrying boots in pannier. (There's a further complication having to do with shoes off in baby room but shoes on everywhere else. Boots in that case are a double nuisance.) And it snowed going home, spiteful stinging little darts, but I survived my three hours and may sleep till noon tomorrow.

Belated reading:

Skimmed last half of Gilded Cage which might have been interesting if not YA filled with girls who have no man sense.

Reading now?
Still with A Distant Mirror, still the only thing I care to read. I am becoming the kind of person who thinks they're doing well to finish ten books a year.

The Wells and the McKinley do not appeal at all, nor does The Green Man.

Must be the season of the witch. Maybe something Buddhist?