March 16th, 2017

hasui snow scene

Neighbourhood mysteries

Woke yesterday morning to find the Phantom Snow Shoveller had stopped their deed of mercy just before my property line. This is sad, but someone had obviously cleared my sidewalk at an earlier point because the snow layer was thin and easily shovelled away. Came home in the evening (no TTC delays for a change, and a not-delayed bus as well) to discover someone had laid down a good half inch of salt in front of my brother's house and the professor of Islamic Studies. The MO looked rather like the city, who will (ahem) dispose of snow in front of elderly citizens' house by dint of layering the sidewalk with road salt until you beg them to stop, as I conclude the widow Pisani has, because they no longer show up for her. (The PSS does it instead, or her immediate southern neighbours, or even, occasionally, me.) It isn't a service my bro would go for, and the prof is too young to qualify; equally, the prof is sparing of his salt and my bro wouldn't use it for a mere inch or so of powder snow. So, Good Samaritan, whoever you are, could you please not?

I dislike excessive road salt for the amount that gets tracked in, and a bit for the poor dogs who have to step in the stuff. Am less concerned about the dogs' owners' feelings, since they continue to drop their doggie bags in any and all garbage receptacles