March 15th, 2017

gold hisui from rasetsunyo

Reading Wednesday doesn't have to work tomorrow

McCrumb, The Song Catcher
-- not a fan of her historical flashback novels, and the more so when it's her own family's flashbacks that really have no bearing on the main plot. We get it: everyone in this family hates their first-born child, and what of it?

Barnes, Nightwood
-- "Well now that's done: and I'm glad it's over."

Fetherling, The Other China: travels around Taiwan
-- because I know nothing about Taiwan. Now I know something, even if 20 years out of date. Also, another off the TBR pile.

Kornher-Stace, Archivist Wasp
-- not what I was expecting; a tad too Hunger Games for my tastes. Also, the archivist isn't.

Rohmer, Daughter of Fu Manchu
-- readable only because it begins with Flinders Petrie, which inspires me to go reread Barbara Mertz rather than keep on reading Sax Rohmer. Too many exclamation points. Also, we see a series of actions, then have to listen to Nayland(!) Smith recap the same actions for seven pages. Clunk clunk. Shall be surprised if I finish it.

Another Datlow and Windling collection of stories waits at the library, once I can get to the library. Should be tomorrow: I could almost have biked today, except for those 30 mph winds.