March 13th, 2017

hasui snow scene

The dark outside

Also snow. How nice to be inside with the heat on and no need to be up before noon. With Mystery Illness still coming and going (stubborn sore throat today), I might well sleep in to 12.

Life is short. Knees still hate boots, though they hate everything else as well. Taxi'd to work today but transitted home. Start with announcement as I get on streetcar and doors close: 'Passengers please be aware there is no subway service westbound between Broadview and Christie.' Once in station, see that crowd on westbound platform is backed up the stairs. So sit for a bit and read my phone as announcements tell me westbound problem is clear but n-s is now stopped between Bloor and Lawrence because of a fire. Ah, the TTC. Why winter commuting is an adventure.

With the snow tomorrow I doubt there will be taxis available, but ah well. An evil sufficient unto its own day.